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Aerospace and Defense is an extremely large and complex industry, with lots of specializations imbedded in this business sector.

Key personnel within 3SC have in excess of 20 years experience supporting various requirements within the Aerospace and Defense Industry. In addition to our internal expertise, 3SC World has continued working relationships with some of the world’s premier authorities on such matters as:

Strategic Planning
Force Restructuring
Force Modernization
Boarder Planning and Monitoring
Business Process Improvement
Development of Training Programs and Standardards

Some successful projects realized by our team members have been:

Strategic level National Defense reviews and restructuring for countries in Europe and in the Middle East. Rewriting of National Level legal framework; missions; and objectives for security forces. Conducted global posturing analysis for deployed and forward deployed forces

Conducted deployment planning and redeployment planning for forces into combat theater (National Level) Successfully closed multi-million USD in offset transactions in Europe and the Middle East

For a more detailed overview or to find out how we can support your current and future requirements within the Aerospace and Defense Industry, please contact us today to have one of our specialized and experienced Managers discuss our capabilities and service locations and to get a better understanding of your project scope.