3SC’s New App on Play Store…

3SC’s New App on Play Store…


Must be looking forward to track Your expenses???, 3SC has placed yet another exciting App on Play Store… its “Expense Tracker” to make Your life easier… To download, please logon to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=myapp.threescworld.expensetracker


Expense Tracker is a smart phone application. It is a very simple, intuitive and feature rich application to manage all your expenses. Get rid of your accounting books and receipt collection to keep track of your transactions in a handy way. Use Expense Tracker to keep track of your income, expenses and total balance whenever and wherever.

Expense Tracker offers a wide range of features for daily expense management some of them are following:-

  • FILTERS: Track expenses and incomes by categories and payment mode
  • CURRENCY SELECTION: View all the transactions in your desired currency.
  • EXPORT: Why keep your expenses in the phone only when you can save them in excel format and view them in your Desktop Computer.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Customize expense categories and payment methods.
  • FREE: Free and no In-App purchase needed
  • SUPPORT: Developer support


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