Get It Done!

Get It Done!

Get it done

Must be looking forward to align your daily tasks and track your commitments???, 3SC has placed yet another exciting App on Apple Store… its “Get It Done” to make Your life organized and more easier… To download, please logon to https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/getitdone-app/id952109483?ls=1&mt=8

– With “GetItDone” manage your personal or business tasks for the following days, weeks and locations.

– With basic functionalities of every task manager it includes a very useful feature where user can define the tasks on certain locations and will be notified upon reaching that particular location.

– Use Today, Tomorrow and Next week’s views to have a complete and precise version of your tasks. Create your own lists of category and manage tasks of different categories related to your life and business.

– Keep a history of completed tasks and easily retrieve them thanks to the built-in search engine.

– “GetItDone” is particularly suited to any person having to manage a number of tasks and specifically performing specific tasks on specific locations.

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