Top Tips For Business Wide Security. Keeping The Office And Your Data Safe.

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Top Tips For Business Wide Security. Keeping The Office And Your Data Safe.

Top tips for business wide security. Keeping the office and your data safe.

Every business needs a reliable security system and it better be a workable solution. Twenty years ago when the internet was still at its infancy stages, hackers would break into computer systems purely for the pleasure of it. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Today’s hackers break into systems to steal. And with the continued growth in computer technology, hacking tools are now even more dangerous. You will now lose critical information at the press of a button and transfer money into a stranger’s account in the click of a mouse.
These hackers work as individuals, as well as in gangs, and they are hardworking and resilient. You may be safe today, but you never know when they are going to strike. If you are to secure your business from hacker attacks, you need to be smart; you must stop them from accessing your data. You must protect your network, computers, mobile devices, and every other device in which you store important data.
Here are six top tips on how to secure your business from data theft.

1. Identify sensitive data.

You understand that it’s almost impossible to protect every aspect of the business perfectly, so the first step is to conduct a security audit to determine which data/information you cannot afford to lose. These may include employee personal information, financial records, and credit card information among others. You should also know where this information is stored; is it on laptops, servers, or external storage disks? A professional security audit will help.

2. Educate your staff about the importance of security.

Your staff must know why it’s important to secure their PCs, Laptops, and mobile devices and understand what is expected of them. They must learn not to give out certain information to strangers and must also learn not to be abusive with their emails, on social media, and even out on the streets in a way that could cause problems to your organization. Everyone at the organization must also understand that it’s unsafe to open spam mail and that emails asking for passwords, credit card details, and sensitive information must be handled with great caution.

3. Use passwords and make them strong.

Passwords are criminally underrated in many organisations, but they are indeed very important. In computers, security starts at the password. If your passwords are strong, the chances of someone breaking into your system are greatly reduced. Remember NEVER to write passwords down; memorize them.


Encryption is a very strong security mechanism. Basically, if someone steals a memory disk from the organization and it was encrypted, they will never be able to read the data in that disk. Encryption also works very well with wireless networks.

5. Work with a security policy.

Politely asking your staff to do certain things that would help in securing the business is a great idea. However, having a strict policy will, in some way, force them to be prudent in their actions. For example, the policy must clearly define how they can use social media, emails, and the internet in general with matters touching on the organization.

6. Work with a multiple-security technology solution.

Ensure that every computer used in the business has an up-to-date antivirus and antimalware and that the firewall is turned on and always up-to-date. All software programs in all your systems must also be up-to-date including the Operating System.
Finally, you must always back-up your data regularly and ensure that you destroy all information on storage drives before throwing such drives away.

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