Cyber Security

Cyber Security

3SC World aims to provide unique information security services and solutions that cater to our customers business needs for maintaining high level of information security. Our information security services are not limited to IT environment as information security involves more than firewalls, IPS, antivirus, etc. which is unlike many organizations view information security.

3SC world team is built up of highly qualified and extensive experienced personnel. We can help to grow your business with our IT, business-process and strategic consulting, catering greater flexibility and higher efficiency at low cost.

Information security has become a paramount issue these days. More and more sensitive and critical information and transactions are susceptible to hackers or even worse, terrorists. Security can be breached or compromised in countless ways. Unfortunately, some situations that may contribute to these risks are not recognized until exceptional conditions occur. e.g. How well does you web site behave if it were to become swamped with an inordinate number of users? What security holes are opened up as the protocols, and other infrastructure, that drive web sites become stressed? This 'Security Under Load' service provides answers to these and other concerns by artificially creating scenarios that imitate these types of activities, while simultaneously evaluating components that are vulnerable to security breaches. 3SC Technology Cyber Security provide following services: Information Security Assessment Information Technology/Security Audit Penetration Testing Web Application Security Testing Wireless Security Testing Physical Security Assessment

3sc Technologies Cyber Security provides world-class Enterprise cyber security, information security, and cyber intelligence services and solutions that enable clients to detect and defend against cyber threats to their critical network infrastructures, and establish network stability and resilience that will endure. Our Solutions includes. Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems Information Protection Identity Management Log Management Email Security Web Security End-point Security Data Protection and Erasing

3sc Technologies information security consulting services are designed to help customer in achieving Information Security standard certification (ISO 27001 / PCI), build enterprise information security policies and processes in-line with industry best practices, help building secure data leakage prevention strategy & framework, build electronic Fraud prevention strategy and Design & Implement secure applications , we are offering following services: Our areas of expertise include On-going and Task Based Consultancy Security Architecture Review and Design Policies, Procedures, Processes ISO 27001 PCI-DSS Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery