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Due to the increasing complexity of financial reporting, there is a critical need for specialized services in the financial accounting Industry that forms the base services for all financial reporting. Although there are software offerings that can take care of basic accounting requirements, with the advent of sophisticated and complex financial products, banks and accounting firms have realized that the need to provide add-on and value-added type services that are “over and above” the basic service offerings.

3SC World is an experienced and trusted company that can support your business requirements in the areas of accounts receivables and payables, account reconciliation services and other add-on functions. We can provide you with services that leverage out-of-the-box thinking and surpasses the benefits provided by most accounting packages.

Why outsource financial services to 3SC World? 3SC World solutions’ process is driven by the use of advanced accounting and financial expertise of highly skilled resources that are proficient in the various regulatory requirements country and region specific. Costs associated with hiring and retaining skilled resources Knowlegeable with offshore requirements, local laws and regulatory restrictions Overhead and operational department expenses can be eliminated Assistance in decision making with our superior analysis of financial data that is otherwise complex and not easy to decipher Reputable and experienced company with physical presence and representatives on call at your time of need Allows you to concentrate on your core business as well as business development opportunities Accounting Services: Book Keeping Payroll Accounts Payable Outsourcing Debt Collection/Receivables Outsourcing Expense Processing Inventory Verification & Valuation Verification, Compilation and Maintenance of Assets (Property & Equipment)

Business Consultancy: Company Formation & Registrations Free Zone Company Setup Offshore Company Setup Business Partnerships/Joint Ventures Investments Management Market Intelligence & Feasibility Studies Company Liquidation

Audit and Assurance Services: Internal Audit Internal Control System & Evaluation Information System Audit & Risk Management Due Diligence Pre Audit Business Restructuring Business Valuations