3SC World takes pride in providing one-stop medical facilities and healthcare services for you and your family with well-networked clinics, diagnostic centers and pharmacies. You can always trust 3SC with your well-being, because we are committed to the highest standards of medical care. We have clinics conveniently located near you. Our outpatient facilities include consultations with special practitioners, laboratory tests, radiographic tests and more. Like most companies, you are likely faced with the need to find lower-cost healthcare solutions for your employees. 3SC’s MediCenters can be a part of the solution for you and your employees by delivering high quality, affordable, and convenient healthcare with a dedicated corporate services liaison office.

3SC World solutions’ process is driven by the use of advanced accounting and financial expertise of highly skilled resources that are proficient in the various regulatory requirements country and region specific.

Physical exams and medical tests allow companies to determine a prospective employee's ability to perform essential job functions. Performed by a licensed physician, the process includes a medical history questionnaire and general wellness exam, with targeted tests and examinations based on occupational duties, conditions and potential job hazards. The physician submits a health assessment and fitness recommendation to the company, which can hire the applicant, make reasonable accommodations for those with disabilities or health issues, or withdraw the offer as outlined in the job offer letter. Pre-employment physicals are also called post-offer physical exams.

With Corporate Care, employers put the strength and expertise of 3SC World to work for their employees. We provide employees with 24/7 access, customized corporate health programs, and attentive, expert treatment of worker compensation injuries and illness. 3SC makes recovery, rehabilitation, and return to work easier and more efficient, while reducing employers' workers' compensation insurance premiums.