Local Government Solutions & Services

Local Government Solutions & Services

As one of the most regulated, and scrutinized, industries in the world; with digital communication channel proliferation, the need for flexible yet secure policies has never been greater. Even the smallest data breaches can cause significant damage, With increasingly demanding government and industry regulations, it’s no longer an option to leave data unsecured, and as the number of users on any network increases, so too does the potential for attacks.

3SC World with our partners provides a comprehensive suite of data security and compliance management solutions that help government agencies protect their information from unauthorized access and comply with data security regulations and industry standards such as the PCI DSS, ISO etc.

3SC World is a pioneer in this arena; we have delivered end-to-end consultancy and solutions for government Enterprise infrastructure and services for over a decade. 3SC World provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that help state & local governments and educational institutions access, manage and secure their information. We secure data, applications, networks and end-user devices. We identify vulnerabilities and detect attempted intrusions. We help you analyze risks and establish security operations procedures so you can respond quickly and correctly to threats.

Our range of services and solutions for authorities includes:
• Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
• Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
• Network Access Control (NAC)
• Governance, Risk and Compliance
• Vulnerability Management
• File and User monitoring
• Policy Management
• End Point Security
• Patch Management
• Database security