3SC World utilizes a proven business model in obtaining and maintaining our Global supplier base which results in best value quotations to our clients.

All potential and existing suppliers in the region and Internationally are visited by our staff to observe supplier operations and to discuss their business practices. Depending on the size of the supplier, more detailed evaluations are completed to include historical record keeping and witnessing their daily operations. 3SC World has numerous full time staff representatives that have experience in various regions in MENA and Asia Global locations.

3SC World will process routine and emergency orders for our clients using our standard proven and ISO compliant procedures under our existing open orders. Our system electronically processes multiple daily orders based upon availability of inventory. Should a catalog item be unavailable, 3SC World will advise the customer no later than noon on the day after the order is placed or by close of business the day of initial request. A 3SC World representative will recommend a substitute item that is equivalent in specification or give the estimated ship and delivery date for the originally requested product. Only customer-approved substitutes will be ordered and subsequently delivered. Orders are released to the suppliers and warehouses. This allows routine deliveries within 72 hours or less and emergency deliveries in 12 to 24 hours, depending on items requested and ordered. Our strategic alliances as well as internal assets have global warehousing facilities, equipment, transportation and logistics expertise, and personnel resources necessary to provide procurement and logistical support as requested and required.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Orders Using our existing warehouses throughout MENA and Asia, 3SC World will tag and hold material orders at the customer’s request for the following reasons, but not limited to: Ÿ Customer delivery site delay Ÿ Consolidation services for customer 3SC World’s global experience shows that the majority of customer orders are usually for non-imported, non- specialty products that can be locally procured. When 3SC World receives an order for a non-imported, non-speciality item that is locally and readily available, we coordinate with our strategic internal vendor database allowing us to provide best price and best delivery times. Our quotations and delivery goals are to provide our customer with at least 2 options when possible, the basis for this would be: Time and price versus specification or application, our staff submits a quote to our clients, often the requested local item may be for a product locally available as a commercial off-the-shelf product. If so, 3SC World will deliver NLT 72 hours for routine orders and 12 to 24 hours for emergency orders. Our process is tracked and monitored for quality assurance. Order Quantities. When we anticipate the need for multiple orders of the same materials, we will order larger quantities than what is immediately required. Larger bundled orders typically result in cost savings from quantity discounts, and / or shipping cost savings. Prepositioning materials in anticipation of demand often also allows us the ancillary benefit of delivering supplies to ordering activities more quickly than if we ordered the supplies only when needed.

When Choosing 3SC World, you are guaranteed on time deliveries 3SC World continuously strives to meet our customer’s exact delivery dates; to do so successfully, we have worked around the clock to overcome weather challenges, poor road networks in delivery areas, and hostile conditions that present challenges to delivering needed items quickly and conveniently. Over the past 10 years, 3SC World has maintained a 98% rate of successful deliveries within our customers’ Required Delivery Dates (RDDs) for the supplies and materials ordered from us. In rare instances, late deliveries have been caused by sudden changes in quantity to meet emergent requirements. Our successful experience is due to our meticulous planning and sourcing abilities, as well as our extensive fleet of trucks and the transportation capabilities of our air, land and sea partners to support each order. For every material and supply order, our staff always communicates order status with ordering officers, and understands that changes may be required for a variety of reasons of the Government’s choosing, or as result of changes in the operational environment.

3SC World’s SUPPLIER SELECTION PROGRAM 3SC World has a defined process in place for fairly and ethically evaluating and selecting potential suppliers for best value sources of supplies and services. 3SC World considers the following factors for supplier consideration. Supplier’s prior performance. Does 3SC World have prior experience to evaluate? Supplier capabilities and capacity (e.g. supplier expertise, ability to deliver on time, ability to expand to meet demands). Does the required material fit within the supplier’s core supply capability? Business size and category. Evaluate for small business requirements. Supplier financial soundness. 3SC World is sensitive to specific contract requirements for proper supplier selection, our Quality Control and Audit processes include controls before, during and after each order to ensure compliance with contractual requirements. 3SC World buyers are trained and certified on specific contract and order requirements that include, but are not limited to proper supplier selection in accordance with contract clauses that involve local and or International laws and other directives. Our buyers carefully review specific order requirements before we order supplies from any of our pre- approved suppliers. When choosing 3SC World for your procurement needs, you are choosing a peace of mind to focus on your core business.